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Convert PDF to PowerPoint Online

Use our HAF PDF to PPT Converter, the PDF file will be completely converted into a PowerPoint presentation so no one will know it wasn’t one, to begin with. Each page of your PDF document will become a new slide in PowerPoint. The various elements of your original PDF document, such as text, images, and form fields, will continue to appear as elements in the PowerPoint document unless those elements have been merged into one PDF image. In this case, the entire image will be transferred from PDF to PowerPoint in one element.

pdf to ppt converter

How Do I Convert PDF To Google Slides?

Use PDF to PPT Converter to convert. Once this is done, you have several alternatives on what to do with the converted document next. You can download it, share it, or import it to GoogleDrive. After importing, open the document in Google Slides and continue editing.

How to convert PDF File to PowerPoint Online:

Follow these simple steps to convert a Microsoft Word file to PDF:

  •     Click the PDF to PPT Converter button above or drag and drop a file onto the drop zone.
  •     Choose the PDF document you wish to convert.
  •     A small PDF will upload and start to work on the file right away.
  •     Wait for the converting to finish and download your personal PPT.

How to Convert PDF Files to PowerPoint Without Application?

You don’t need any software with PDF to PPT Converter. You do your work online, all you need is an internet connection to test the application and save the converted file further. In addition, the application is compatible with the main platforms, so you can use any machine.




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