Excel to PDF Converter

Excel to PDF Converter:

With the Excel to PDF converter, you can quickly export PDF documents to Excel files. Additionally, all data will retain its original format, including all sheets, tables, rows, and columns.

This HAF PDF Excel to Converter tool is completely web-based and requires an internet connection. The files are converted on the servers and deleted after a few hours. Once the file is converted, it can be downloaded directly from the website. Click the Excel to PDF Converter button to select a file from a computer. If the recording you want to convert is somewhere in the cloud, click on one of the three suggested icons: Google Drive, One-drive, and Dropbox. The conversion will start quickly and in a few seconds, you will be able to download a converted file.

How to Convert Excel to PDF Online:

  •     Draw and drop your personal file into the Excel to PDF Converter.
  •     Wait for the Excel to PDF Converter tool to save the worksheet as a PDF file.
  •     On the completion page, continue editing the output file as necessary.
  •     Differently, download, share or save the file to Dropbox or Google Drive



Completely Free Excel to PDF Converter?

Yes, our HAF Excel to PDF Converter is totally free of cost. There are no hidden charges and you can use this online tool endlessly. There is no limitation on file size or number of files, you can convert as several PDFs as you like, of any dimension.

So Email Is Not Required, Is It?

It is true. We don’t ask for your email address or contact information, just upload a PDF file from a machine or the cloud and the conversion will take place on our servers. The converted documents will be ready for download on the website. Make sure you don’t close the Excel to PDF Converter tool before downloading the file.

Can You Convert Scanned Files?

Yes, our Excel to PDF Converter tool can convert scanned PDF files to Excel using our advanced HAF technology. Also, users can easily convert scanned PDF files and select tabular data.

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